How You Can Help Us


At Community Sharing, we are always grateful for help in providing services to clients and for operational support. Below are some ways you could lend a hand:

  • Donate your time.We are in need of volunteers to assist with many aspects of our operations—from food pantry assistance, to client intake, to general office administrative support. To discuss volunteer opportunities, please call 541-942-2176.


  • Donate food.Emergency food box distribution is a large part of our service to the community. As a result, we are in constant need of protein foods; Ensure-type drinks; infant formula and baby food (must be within stamped usable date), and even pet food. Garden produce is also always welcome. Please, no “windfall” foods – foods that fall off a tree due to overripe conditions or windy conditions.


  • Donate clothing.Practical, usable clothing for children and adults is what we need. Please, no gowns or overly formal attire.


  • Donate money.It costs the agency over $150 per day to offer food pantry services to those in need. Our agency relies heavily on donations from the public to continue to provide these much-needed services. You can specify a specific program to receive your donation, if you prefer. Because we are a non-profit agency, your donation is tax deductible.Please visit our donate page to donate online to Community Sharing. It’s hassle-free, easy, and your donation goes directly to help the many residents of the Cottage Grove area who need our help the most


  • Donate your services or items.We are actively interested in partnerships with businesses or community members who could offer much-needed services to our clients. For instance, donated haircuts, or additional items off our current wish list. Please give us a call at 541-942-2176 to discuss the possibilities


  • Underwrite an event or program.Another opportunity to show your support is through the donation of money to support a specific event or community outreach program. Our active board plans several fundraisers throughout the year and could always use some financial support to widen participation or spread the word about our services.